Tips On Improving Your Finances In 2014! Create Your Own Paperwork System – A “Financial Bible!”

6341551_sHere’s a great idea creating a “system” for tracking all that paperwork you need to hold on to get a [big] three-ring binder, and clip in a number of “tab” pages with pockets big enough for every category you want to create. This is your “Financial Bible” for the year. Why? Because you’re going to put every important piece of paper you get during the year in this binder under it’s own heading! People who itemize deductions for their taxes often create a new pocket page for each “expense,”  and stick receipts in the pocket of that page. For example: “business dining,” “business travel,” etc – each category gets it’s own page. Just empty your pockets and put your receipts in there every few weeks. By the end of the year, everything will be in one place,  where you need it! You can divide the categories up any way you want, there are no rules, it’s an individualized system. If you want areas for bank statements, pension and retirement benefits – that’s what you create. Whatever makes sense to you will dictate how you want to put your “system” together. Then, at tax time you and your accountant will know exactly where you are! Buy one for each year, and having what you need for as long as you need it will be a snap!

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