Smart New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Finances in 2014 – Check Your Insurance Policies!

19421034_sFirst, it’s important to make sure that you have enough auto insurance, renters insurance, and – if you have a family – life insurance. According to an Allstate Insurance poll, two thirds of renters don’t carry renter’s insurance, even though it’s relatively inexpensive. Having home or renter’s insurance can make a big difference if disaster strikes. On another other hand, however, you may be overpaying on your insurance as well, so checking your insurance company’s requirements every couple of years is important. If your car has past the 10-year mark, if you have experienced a move or job change that changes the mileage you put on your car every year, or if you’ve simply had enough birthdays, you may be able to cut your monthly costs. It also pays to compare rates for different insurance companies as well; when it comes to insurance, more expensive is not necessarily better. See what your insurance would cost with several other carriers. Be careful though, check the fine print to see if the coverage is equal before you switch!

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